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Why You Should Hire A Licensed Electrician

We understand that home ownership is expensive, so when it comes to fixing your electrical system, you want the most economic fix as possible. Though this is okay in some home repairs, your electrical system is not something that you want to pick the cheapest option for. Here are a few reasons (with visuals!) why it's so important to hire a licensed and insured electrician.

Andrew was on a job recently where a contractor who was not licensed promised to do electrical work. Unfortunately the homeowner ended up getting the short end of the stick with this job, because of the slapstick "repairs" that were done.

In our first example, see this switch on the left. When Andrew removed the switch plate from the front, he found nothing but empty wire behind it, and no box with electrical! It was a "Switch to nowhere".

This customer had a ceiling fan and a separate light fixture that had been running constantly for over two months, because the unlicensed "electrician" who had done the initial work, had wired things so that there was no option to turn them off. See below for what that looked like in the attic.

If you look in the center of the image on the left, you can see that the previous contractor/handy-man used alligator clips to connect wiring! This is EXTREMELY dangerous. If the metal of that clip were to be touched when power is on, not only would you get a nasty shock, but there is chance that it could be fatal if your hand constricted around the clip so that you were unable to let go.

In the same house, you can see what a mess the wiring was in the attic. Your electrical should not look like this! A licensed electrician will be able to expertly install new wiring, replace what needs to be replaced, and do so in a safe manner. In South Carolina, licensed electricians are required to have extensive training and experience, and have to go through difficult testing in order to obtain a license.

Trust us when we say that paying a bit more up front for a job well done will save you money in the long run, as well as keep your home safe. The wiring you've seen in this post shows a disaster waiting to happen.

To add: Many people don't realize that if a contractor does not have liability insurance, that means that YOU, the customer, is at risk. If something were to happen on your property, and the contractor working does not have insurance, you could be at risk financially for repairs or medical bills. Make sure whoever works on your house is licensed and insured.

What will a licensed electrician know that someone without the license and experience will not know?

- How to expertly troubleshoot and find the root of your electrical problems.

- Repair issues and make sure that the repairs are up to code and will cleanly pass an inspection.

- Fix issues in the most economical way (no roundabout fixes).

- Suggest things that may protect your home for the future (like surge protection when necessary).

What will a Gloudeman Electric electrician do?

- Read Andrew's reviews! He is one of the most reviewed electricians in Mt. Pleasant, SC. You can read his reviews on the Nextdoor app, Facebook, and on Google. We'll tell you a bit, though...

- Andrew has very fair prices. He may not be the cheapest option available, but when Andrew works on your property, you know that he is treating your home as if it is his own. He is passionate about electrical, and takes pride in his work. He will quote you a fair price and do excellent work.

- Andrew is licensed to work in South Carolina.

- Andrew has liability insurance for his protection and for your financial peace of mind.

Contact us today with questions or for a quote! You can even book a Service Consultation on the "Book Online" tab if you'd like a job assessed.

Thanks for reading!

- The Gloudeman Electric team

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