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Electrical Safety & The Danger of Heat

Hi, readers! Last week Andrew was at a job where he found this nasty problem:

The client called Andrew because their lights would be on, and then would stay off for a few days, and then they would come back on. The client was also smelling a burning smell, which as a homeowner is never something that you want to smell!

The cause of the smell and electrical issue was this melted piece of loose wire. Since it didn't have a good connection, the wire was trying to make contact which in turn caused the wire to heat up and melt. If this issue hadn't been resolved, or if for example this wire was somewhere in an attic, or somewhere else where there were flammable objects, the family could have had a house fire on their hands.

This is all to impress the importance of a sound electrical system, and to praise the awareness of this customer! If you think something's "off" about your electrical system, it never hurts to get a quick diagnosis and have Andrew come by to take a look. We also offer a Home Safety Package (read about that in our previous post) where Andrew will take a deep dive into your whole system with specialized equipment that sniffs out potential fire hazards like these.

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