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2020 Surge Protection Package

If you're a customer of ours, you've probably heard us shouting from the mountaintops about how important surge protection is. For a general rundown on surge protection, check out our earlier blog post HERE. Essentially, surge protectors installed in your electrical panel help protect your system from electrical surges often caused by lightning storms. These surges can fry your electrical appliances--everything from your refrigerator to your television--as well as damage your wires and system itself. We often visit homes to repair damage caused by an electrical surge that could have been prevented by a surge protector.

So how does our surge protection package stand out from other electrical companies' offerings in the Mt. Pleasant area?

One very important test:

One crucial part of a surge protector is A GOOD GROUNDING SYSTEM. A surge protector is ONLY as good as the ground it is going to. What does that mean in layman's terms? A grounding rod (think Benjamin Franklin) directs electricity back into the ground. If your ground rod or grounding system is inefficient or damaged, that electricity will have nowhere to go. So where does it go? Right back into your house and through the easiest path. Why doesn't a surge protector work if you don't have a good grounding system? How a surge protector works is by redirecting electricity. Instead of the electrical surge making its way from breaker to breaker in your electrical panel, it sends the charge back to your ground. If your grounding system is broken, that electrical charge will go back into your house--yikes!

Most electrical companies do not test your grounding system before installing surge protection!

Not only are our surge protectors high quality (some companies install low-grade surge protectors that don't protect against high voltage electrical surges), but we also INCLUDE the ground rod testing system specifically with this package! It's a state of the art testing system that determines an integral piece of your home's electrical safety system.

How do we do test your grounding system?

We’ve got a top of the line impedance (the effective resistance of an electric circuit or component to alternating current) tester that induces a current on your grounding system. Our test also reads the impedance at the same time to determine not only if your system works, but how well it works. We're essentially verifying that electricity has a nice solid place to go in case of a surge strike.

Interested in our surge protection package? If you want to get right on it before the worst of the storm season hits, book a Level 1 job and we'll email you back with the cost of the package. If you have questions first, email us at, or call/text at 909-801-4009.

Thank you and stay safe out there!

Andrew & the Gloudeman Electric team

*We also offer this ground testing as a separate service.

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