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Purchase the Preventative Maintenance Package

  • Preventative Maintenance Package

    Electrical preventative maintenance service visit. After purchase, book your visit.
    Valid for 12 months
    • Check panel box and condition of all connections
    • Check for sizzling or buzzing from electrical panel
    • Light bulb replacement (limited to 5 replacements)
    • Check for proper use of extension cords and power strips
    • Check aging of smoke alarms and placement
    • GFCI receptacle test
    • Full home load test
    • Ground rod test
    • Check for appropriate surge protection
    • Check if electrical service capacity is adequate for present
    • Thermal imaging test

*Visit must be booked after plan purchase. Plan is non-renewing. What's NOT included: We may make suggestions or find deficiencies in your system during our inspections and any replacements or installs would come at an additional cost which will be relayed to you after the visit (this could be GFCI replacement outlets, smoke alarm replacements, or additional panel repairs like separating double tapped neutrals).

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